Best Men's Sunglasses Style to Upgrade Your Look in 2024
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Best Men's Sunglasses Style to Upgrade Your Look in 2024

by Prakul Gupta on Apr 29, 2024

If there's one thing that every man must keep in his bag that's a great set of sunglasses. Not only can sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays of the sun and harmful rays, but a good pair of shades will reflect your style and instantly make your appearance more attractive. If you're looking for a new pair of sunglasses you may be overwhelmed by all the choices for popular types of sunglasses for men. To help you find the perfect pair of sunglasses to suit your needs, this guide will provide the most popular men’s sunglasses styles in 2024.

Let's look for your next style!

Popular Sunglasses Styles for Men

1. Square Sunglasses

If you're searching for a timeless look that can be worn with almost anything you can think of nothing better than square shades for men. Popularized in the 1950s and 1960s, this elegant shape gives timeless style and a hint of hipster style.

Square sunglasses for men are extremely adaptable, fitting well with the majority of facial shapes. The sharp shapes make these glasses an ideal shape for round, oval, and diamond-shaped face shapes.


2. Pilot Sunglasses

There's a reason why pilot sunglasses radiate cool confidence. This shape of frame was created in the 1930s to shield eye protection for fighter pilots from sun exposure when flying. Although they're still popular among pilots of today, however, this particular style is most well-known as a male fashion icon.

Pilot sunglasses are easy to recognize by their metal frames as well as tear-drop-shaped lenses. They also have a double bridge. Although this design works for a wide range of facial forms, they typically are most compatible with oval, square, and diamond shapes.


3. Shield Sunglasses

Shield sunglasses feature a single lens that runs from temple to temple. With its panoramic-like viewing area, this style was initially designed to give outdoor athletes a clear view when they are playing sporting activities. Recently, the design has now a fashion statement due to its distinctive and bold style.

If you're looking to get the most sun protection while wearing a contemporary style, trendy design This is the look for you. Shield sunglasses can be worn with a variety of facial shapes, including round, oval square, diamond, and oval.


4. Navigator Sunglasses

If you like the style of aviators but would like something distinctive from the crowd take a look at the navigator sunglasses. Similar to aviators, navigators come with frames made of wire and a double bridge, however, the lenses are round, instead of teardrop-shaped.

These timeless cool frames go nicely with virtually every outfit. They are particularly suitable for diamond and round faces.


5. Round Sunglasses

A true vintage classic, round frames are a popular choice among musicians, creatives, and artsy men who enjoy expressing a slightly out-of-the-box style. 

With their circular shape, round sunglasses balance out and add some softness to rectangular or square faces with chiseled features and strong jawlines.


6. Geometric Sunglasses

No matter if hexagonal or octagonal, geometric sunglasses provide a fashionable distinctive look that is distinctive. Due to their unique shape, they require a certain amount of subtlety and you should choose frames that are thin and lenses in classic colors such as grey, black, or brown.

The straight lines of this design are perfect for balancing the appearance of a round, oval, or diamond face.


7. Clear Frame Sunglasses

If you're a man who wants less somber, minimal appearance glasses with transparent frames are the way to take. The transparent style is sleek simple and easy to wear, not to mention trendy in the present. Due to their neutral look clear frames work with any attire.


8. Sunglasses with Colored Lenses

Are you looking to stand out in the sea of brown, black, or grey lenses? Find some shades that feature blue or green lenses! Colored lenses add joy, and youthfulness, as well as an air of whimsy to your appearance and transform your outfit from ordinary to attractive.

Wear colored lenses when you're on the lake, during an event, or any time you'd like to bring some positive energy to your life.


9. Sunglasses with Colorful Frames

If you think that colored lenses are somewhat out of the ordinary for you, choosing colored frames can add some color to your outfits with a subtle approach. This is a great option to make your preferred shade a part of your fashion.


10. Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

Tortoiseshell sunglasses are a classic style that has stood the test of time. They feature an unmistakable pattern that combines shades of brown, black, and gold, mimicking the look of a tortoise’s shell. 

Tortoiseshell shades exude class and sophistication while adding a pop of color to your outfits. If you’re looking to step out of your black frame comfort zone without being too bold, tortoiseshell frames are a trendy, well-recognized style to add to your wardrobe.


Trending Sunglasses Styles for Men in 2024

1. D-Frame Sunglasses

Once a favored option for fat teddy bears, today the D-shape frame has made an appearance in the male fashion. The design is getting more well-known due to its futuristic look and masculine look.

Their bold, oversized style makes them look like D-shape glasses. They look best on people with rounded faces. The most popular example is Specsview Sunglasses.


2. Heavy Browline Sunglasses

Heavy browline sunglasses are another hottest fashions for males. You'll see a more noticeable browline on the latest versions of the Clubmaster, which gives the glasses a more masculine and thicker appearance.

The Specsview Sunglasses is a great example of the heavier and more masculine sunglasses frames. The retro-inspired semi-rimless frame comes with square lenses as well and the browline is a thick one. The men's sunglasses appear like something like a square version of the Clubmaster.

The pair of fashionable sunglasses sport a more striking style than traditional Clubmaster frames. The retro-inspired influences are evident and offer a new modern twist to a traditional design. While the Clubmaster sunglasses for men may be a bit different, you'll own your model of the glasses to make sure you're not like everyone else or his twin brother.

They're great for triangle-shaped faces with jawlines that are defined. It is one of the most trending men's sunglasses styles due to its usage in movies and web series in recent times.


3. Square Wayfarer Sunglasses

Fashions change however a classic remains old-fashioned. If you're looking for a fashionable pair of shades for guys that will blend with every item you own, go for Wayfarer sunglasses. It's not just an old-fashioned style however, it's also a definite hipster style.

The pursuit of a trend is enjoyable, but it could be outdated after a while. Maintaining a fresh and modern look is what Specsview did with their Sunglasses. We took a traditional design and then added a modern element to modify the look and give it a modern look. Voila! The style is fresh Again!

These sunglasses in the style of wayfarers are a bit more sophisticated than the traditional glasses. They're also much thinner. They feature elegantly tapered lenses and rivets with rhomboidal shapes. They mix a vintage appearance with exquisitely designed contemporary technology and make them the most sought-after sunglasses.

For the past 60 years, in the world of rectangular eyewear, heavy frames have been associated with masculinity. However, they're not what you'd like to wear in spring and summer. They may have been great in the winter and autumn seasons, but the season is about slimmer shapes.

An iconic symbol of 1950's male sunglasses The wayfarer continues to be a source of inspiration for us to this day.

The thing we love about wayfarers is how laid back and comfortable they appear. They can ensure you are comfortable in any setting. They are comfortable in any situation. They're durable, practical, and the ideal pair for guys of all ages.

These stylish sunglasses for males are medium-to-wide in size ideal for oval faces.


4. Oversized Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses never ever go out of fashion because they will never leave the fashion world.

The designer aviator sunglasses are perfect for adding a cool stylish edge to an ordinary outfit. They're trendy and classic in style. The aviator shape has undergone several variations over time. The most recent change to the sunglasses for males is their size. The modern, oversized aviator is gaining popularity.

If you're not yet ready to climb the ladder to the biggest size of Aviator sunglasses, then why not consider these Specsview trendy sunglasses for men? The sunglasses mix classic aviator with the oversized style and offer a more masculine and sturdy style. While they retain the traditional teardrop shape they're larger and bigger than traditional Aviator frames. This makes sure they keep in mind the traditional aviator shape and give them a fresh style that's their own.

Specsview’s men's sunglasses are a must-have for every eyewear collection. They offer an effortless casual look. The double-bar bridge of the Swag and its metal accents give it a sophistication that makes it clear you're serious. There's no better option for spring!

Inspired by streetwear and hip-hop trends The Draper Shades' distinctive style borrows its shape from a pair of air-conditioned sunglasses. They're also adding a bit of extra power.

Popularized by the wealthy and well-known, Western Front Sunglasses are a popular style. They are best suited to the fashionable man.


5. Round Vintage Sunglasses

Round vintage sunglasses are a retro-inspired style that has made a full circle. round sunglasses make a huge return this spring. They feature metal designs that nod to the 70s and smaller-framed designs that channel the grunge style of the 90s.

Designed to help you stand above the rest of the crowd, round frames are great for males with square, narrow, or angular characteristics.

A more casual round style that is a pair of sunglasses is the Specsview Sunglasses.

They don't care about getting attention. They'd rather stay off the radar. What's the best part about them? They're much easier to put on than round glasses. The secret lies in the more robust frames, materials, and overall design. The traditional John Lennon glasses typically have brittle wireframes and small, round lenses that are super-defined. They also have a rounded, super-defined lens. Specsview sunglasses give you an acetate frame that is thicker and has prominent accents on the top of the corners where frames meet at the front. Additionally, you get the distinctive characteristic of a stunning keyhole bridge.

They work best on those with medium faces, as well as triangle and oblong faces.


6. Metal Sunglasses

Metal is now as versatile as those well-loved frames made of acetate. They can be adapted to any style however, they also enhance the overall style to look more steampunk, and less bookish.

Check out some of our most stylish metal sunglasses for males.

One of the most significant trends that you can get in the market is the resurgence of frames made of metal for sunglasses. They've seen a huge revival, swiftly changing from retro to trendy. Men love the sleek lines and light feeling of metal frames. which are even lighter and slimmer than Acetate frames.

The frames are suitable for any shape of the face and are especially suitable for square faces with prominent cheekbones a prominent forehead and jawlines that are angular.


7. Navigator Sunglasses

This season is a big time for fashion hybrids. These are the power glasses known as navigators.

Classic aviators have inspired modern designs that are beginning to refashion the look of every outfit. The aviators are often referred to as Navigator sunglasses, this distinctive style is inspired by metal Aviators. It's not necessary to make a difficult choice. You will get the best of both including aviator shapes as well as square frames.

Specsview Navigator sunglasses are a perfect illustration of an increase in confidence. An appearance that will make you feel comfortable. The Navigator style has been popular for many years. They're just as timeless as they've been for a long time. This is probably because you can't be able to resist feeling as beautiful when you wear these.

It's easy to label them as large frames. The Navigators aren't film star-making frames. An update of the traditional silhouette of the aviator, these massive frames will ensure that you are covered.

These glasses offer a medium to wide fit. This style is best suited to an oval or medium-sized face with forms like large or round. It's perfect to achieve the "no pictures please" look! For your 7 am departure at the airport, you'll have a most wanted-after piece!


8. Retro Sunglasses

The retro sunglasses are a conversation starter as you stroll. They're inspired by steam-powered machinery from that era of industrialization. Steampunk frames that have metallic accents are a new approach to an old-fashioned round frame.

Half metal Acetate, half celluloid in a shiny look, these guys are awe-inspiring in matte hues. You'll be awed by how well texture mixing works with eyewear. The cutting-edge. For colors that stand out This distinctive style is a statement.

They sport a larger metal nose bridge which extends into the frame. If you're into showcasing your style there's no better way. If you're wearing a steampunk-inspired metallic finish There's no requirement to wear any additional frills.

The round frames are reminiscent of the old-fashioned work goggles that were used in coal mines during the 1890s, in the middle of New York. They're strong, and determined and show that you're not scared to wash your hands!


9. Classic Cool Clubmasters

Clubmaster Sunglasses are an iconic image of coolness in sunglasses fashion! As a result of a mix of fashion and casual styles, These sunglasses have become an essential part of any man's outfit

Vintage sunglasses made of brownline, such as The Fitzgerald Sunglasses were popular in the 50's and 60's.

The glasses fit smaller to medium-sized faces. The original Clubmasters style fits people who have a smaller face and head, preferring a triangular, oval, or heart-shaped face.


10. Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

In terms of colors, tortoiseshell sunglasses for men will be the most popular in this year's fashion. If you're looking for something soft, a smokey or whiskey tortoiseshell dark glasses are a perfect choice! They provide a stylish look. If you are confident that you will have a good look with a splash of color, tortoiseshell-colored shades are a chic option this season.

This tortoise-colored shade is radiant with orange tones. It's the perfect dose of casual cool to bring a smile to any outfit. The hue is a magnet for attention wherever you move. Be sure to give justice to them by wearing a chic outfit. The vibrant shades of the tortoise are an eye-catching style statement that should not be made lightly. They can also be an incredibly subtle pop of color to a neutral style.


Where to Find Sunglasses for Men

A stylish pair of glasses is the ultimate man's accessory. They instantly elevate the look of a person.

If you're looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses, begin by identifying the shape of your face. Although face shape should not be the primary consideration, it can help you determine your individual preference, style, or preferences however it will provide a rough idea of what kinds of sunglasses would look good on you. Go here to get our guide on face shape.

Then, look through Specsview's wide selection of designer sunglasses for men at affordable prices. Search by size of the lens or lens type design, color, and even face shape.

Do you want to appear and feel like a million dollars? Find your perfect style now! We hope that this blog on men's sunglasses style provided you with everything you wanted to know.


FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is the most popular sunglass style?

Square Sunglasses: If you're searching for a timeless look that can be worn with almost anything take a look at square shades. Popularized in the 1950s and 1960s, this elegant shape gives traditional style, but with a hint of hipster flair.

Q. Are aviators still in style for men?

They've been a popular fashion for some time and are still a popular choice for many people. Oversized sunglasses give you a striking and elegant appearance, as well as providing more protection and coverage for your eyes.

Q. What sunglasses do male celebrities wear?

The majority of celebrities wear the aviator or square-shaped wayfarer. The oversized or round shape has also been a popular style of choice. Whatever the fashion it's rare to see a celeb without sunglasses while out in the daylight and, sometimes, even at night.

Q. How do I choose a sunglass style?

All you have to remember is two points when you are looking at shades. You should choose the right pair of sunglasses that match your facial shape. The most common rule is that the shape of your glasses should be in the opposite direction of your face's shape. You should invest in an item with a classic style to be able to keep it for a long time.

Q. What is the current trend in sunglasses?

A popular trend in fashion is sunglass frames that are made from a combination of materials. Combining acetate and metal frames looks contemporary and fashionable while remaining strong and lightweight.

Q. How to choose shades for men?

It's not as difficult as you believe to choose shades from trending men's sunglasses styles. People with round faces should lean toward square or rectangle-shaped sunglasses that can extend the face and provide contrast. The sporty designs, with their dynamic lines, can also be an excellent match. It is recommended to avoid frames that are round since they tend to emphasize the roundness of your face.