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by Windborne media Solutions on Mar 07, 2024

Know Your Frame Size: 2 Simple Methods to Easily Determine Your Frame Size

Which Frame Size Will Fit On My Face? How To Know The Size Of My Frame?

Are these questions still creating confusion for you? Don't worry you have come to the right place. So follow any of the below-mentioned ways to avoid all your confusion.


You can easily determine the frame size in 2 different ways but before that just look at some keynotes:-

  • Go for the MEDIUM SIZE frame as it suits the majority of the Indian faces.
  • In a rare case if the frame does not fit then we will pick it up quickly with no question asked (under 7 days No Questions Asked return policy) and you will get your FULL REFUND (frame + lens cost).
  • For kids less than 10 years, go for kids size frames & for kids between 10-14 years, go for small size frames.

Now, look at the 2 different methods with which you can easily determine your frame size.

METHOD 1- Using A Credit/Debit Card

Just follow the steps given below to know your frame size.

Step 1: Take a credit/debit card (the standard size of the card can be compared to a medium (M) sized frame).

Step 2: Stand in front of a mirror and place one tip of the card on the center of your nose and another tip towards the edge of the eye.

Step 3: Now check if the other end of the card

  • extends well beyond the end of the eye then your frame size is SMALL.

  • touches or barely touches at the end of the eye then your frame size is MEDIUM.

  • does not reach the end of the eye then your frame size is LARGE.

You can easily find the size of your frame by looking at the inner side of your existing frame's temple (sticks of the frame or arm pieces) where you will see a set of numbers that would define lens width/eye size, bridge width & temple length respectively. E.g. 52-20-140

Frame Size Eyeglass (lens width/eye size) Sunglass (lens width/eye size)
Small 50mm or less 55mm or less
Medium 51-55mm 56-64mm
Large Above 55mm Above 64mm

If you are still confused then don't worry. Give us a call on 9351780074 or mail at support@specsview.com we will be happy to help you in finding your perfect size match.

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